On the ISS managed to grow meat in the laboratory

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The cultivation of food products with the help of modern technologies no longer seems something unusual and interesting, even for those people who are not directly involved in this – however, if it comes to creating a natural product based on artificial materials, then even the most unbiased person will be surprised. However, the Israeli company Aleph Farms, specializing in experiments with such food production, today surprised its users with a successful experiment in this context – namely, with the help of their technologies and methods, specialists in the Russian part of the ISS were able to grow a piece of beef meat using a minimum of raw materials.

As such, water, air and a complex of nutrients for livestock, previously delivered by cargo to the space station, served. These materials were specially processed using a special 3D printer, the authorship of the same Aleph Farms. And despite the fact that the main secrets of this unusual food production are not revealed – due to the need to preserve the intellectual property of the company – it becomes clear that such an opportunity to create high-grade food products from a minimum of substances and technologies is now a reality.

The only question is how quickly such a technique will be adapted in a broad commercial and domestic sense, not to mention making it even cheaper – since the current iteration of product printing technology, illustrated by specialists, still has additional cost items and , accordingly, can not claim to be the cheapest in the broad sense.

The experiment, therefore, was completely successful, and demonstrated quite a concrete opportunity to grow food in a similar way and using similar technology not only on Earth, but also in space – the least suitable place for this. However, while the leadership and the responsible development team from Aleph Farms is not ready to discuss further steps to implement the technology in a broad sense, since it needs to deal with a lot of subtleties first.

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