Omega-3 Pills May Be Essential Against Heart Disease

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For the most part, maintaining the right lifestyle and diet is the main way to live a long and healthy life – however, some internal factors such as high cholesterol can significantly spoil the overall picture, forcing many people to seek help with some active supplements and vitamins. And today, a team of medical specialists from the American Heart Association presented the results of their new study, which considers the effects of taking omega-3 drugs on the organisms of those patients who in one way or another suffered from a predisposition to various heart diseases.

As it turned out, daily consumption of about 4 g of active omega-3 can actually lead to a significant reduction in the risk of developing a different complex of cardiovascular diseases – mainly because, in addition to cholesterol, omega-3 also reduces the level of triglyceride, which is known in as one of the most important and indicative factors for the development of an increased risk of heart disease.

Based on a wide research base of patients very close to such diseases, scientists came to the conclusion that such an amount of consumed omega-3 should be quite enough – and it is best to get them from natural sources, in the form of red fish and Brazilian nuts. On the other hand, when talking about pills and medicines with this content, scientists talk about the need to be careful – especially with those drugs that are sold over the counter and the need for prior medical supervision.

It is worth noting that omega-3, being one of the most multidimensional and multi-purpose active substances, in one way or another is also one of the most interesting substances, whose properties and hidden sides are only beginning to be fully recognized and revealed. It remains to wait for the completion of the preliminary stage of testing some tablets containing omega-3 and already accurately draw up one or another opinion on this matter.

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