Olive oil is highly effective in preventing heart disease.

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The so-called Mediterranean diet is extremely popular at the present time, because in addition to mainly plant foods, it also offers the consumption of small portions of red wine as a factor in improving health. Here is a new study of nutritionists from the University of Minnesota regarding the real extent of the benefits of this diet revealed some even more interesting points about it – in particular, scientists were able to identify no less, and even more useful than red wine nutritional factor in this diet. But, as the researchers note, it alone may not be that effective.

The fact is that, by studying the latest statistical medical data of several thousand patients, who ate mainly on the Mediterranean diet, scientists found a certain pattern between the consumption of olives and olive oil and low blood pressure, as well as the overall risk of premature aging. After repeated analysis, it turned out that their preliminary theory regarding the anti-aging cellular properties of olive oil was in fact true, and among a fairly wide range of patients.

However, scientists clarified that the consumption of olive oil in combination with the Mediterranean diet is not a panacea for heart disorders and premature aging – along with this, a person needs to engage in systematic exercise and starve from time to time to make olive oil absolute in this context. of the possible in each individual order.

So the new data on the benefits of the Mediterranean diet not only once again demonstrate the veracity of this theory, but also indicate that olive oil so beloved by many people can in fact become a determining factor in the rejuvenation of the body, even in the most difficult cases, but only with subject to the notorious exercise. Scientists believe that they will soon discover new, previously missed features of olive oil.

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