Oceanologists record elevated levels of parasite worms in the oceans

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People who prefer to consume foods containing raw fish – such as sushi and sashimi – are at greater risk of contracting various worms and helminths, spreading various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. So a new study of oceanologists from Washington University today has shown that recently the risk of infection from dangerous sea and ocean parasitic worms has increased in a fairly large proportion compared to the previous year. So far, researchers continue to establish a specific reason for this, but it is now clear that it most likely lies in ocean life.

More precisely, in certain of its changes — most of which is most likely due one way or another to human intrusion into the natural ecosystem of large and not very large fish individuals. This is also indicated by the fact that the previous increase in helminth activity was noticed back in 2018, and this is global in nature. As for the current time and its context, scientists recorded 283 more cases of infection with ocean worms in the first quarter, with most of these cases related to people.

So their main message is to at least temporarily abandon the consumption of products containing raw fish, or else more carefully study the condition and source of where the fish comes from. In particular, scientists noticed an increase in the population of the so-called anisakis worms, which often cause anisakiasis, a rather dangerous infectious disease accompanied by symptoms similar to those of a common indigestion and poisoning.

However, due to side effects, this disease can be significantly more dangerous than simple food poisoning, which researchers pay attention to. For now, it remains only to wait for the end of their research in order to get acquainted with even more accurate and specific scientific and statistical data regarding the current level of increase in the population of dangerous ocean worms and similar organisms.

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