Obesity can be won by constantly watching your weight.

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Today, the research community nutritionists from the The Obese Society, a study of various diseases and risk factors for increasing obesity, presented the results of their long behavioral research based on a rather impressive database of patients and volunteers. The study itself was built around conducting a behavioral experiment from November 2017 to January 2018, in which over one hundred people aged from 18 to 65 took part, who were instructed to monitor their weight – and the results of such a thorough and systematic behavioral approach really affect set and weight reduction.

In particular, the experts wanted to find out how effectively a person can control his weight – especially at holiday time – when he measures it on the scales every day. Than half of 111 volunteers of the most different age were engaged in – and the second half was not obliged to constantly weigh in, only by joint efforts controlling the weight. As a result of the experiment, scientists found that the first group, which measured its weight every day, in fact, gained less excess weight during holidays and vacations – and some of its members even lost a little weight.

Unlike the second group, which did not observe its weight every day, and which focused only on its own feelings of excess weight. Scientists noted that such a behavioral feature of the constant visualization of their weight actually leads to a significant change in some life habits – for example, increased levels of physical activity and the consumption of less calorie and harmful foods.

Thus, obesity can be avoided not only due to systematic physical exertion, but also due to systematic behavioral control – and it was to this conclusion that experts from the United States came, after conducting their observational experiment. In addition, the first group even managed to slightly reduce their weight during the most problematic holiday period.

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