Nutritionists: why not eat more than three pancakes at Shrovetide

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Maslenitsa is a traditional Russian holiday that marks the coming of spring. In the days of celebration spring comes to grips with winter. To bring the arrival of the first spring days closer, folk festivals are held with ritual dances, songs and food, called Maslenitsa week. This year, Shrovetide festivities will be held from 4 to 10 March and will not do without the traditional delicacy – pancakes, which roundly symbolize the sun disc.

Dietitian recommendations

No matter how much you want to feast on pancakes with a stuffed easter fasting, you shouldn’t put more effort on the food. This is what Natalia Denisova, a nutritionist at the Federal Research Center for Nutrition, Biotechnology and Food Safety, warns Moscow in an interview with the City News Agency "Moscow".

The nutritionist warned that the maximum human consumption of pancakes without filling should not exceed three, and with the filling, one per day. In order not to harm the body, it is better to eat pancakes for breakfast and to exclude them from the diet during other meals.

The doctor does not recommend using sweet products, sour cream and even traditional caviar as a filling for pancakes. Caviar as a living product is not very suitable for the filling, but if you really want, in small portions you can indulge in a little bit of pancakes with caviar.

We make healthy food

To make the pancakes more useful, the doctor suggests replacing the usual refined wheat flour with buckwheat, whole grain or oatmeal. To reduce the caloric content of the finished product instead of ordinary milk, you can add skimmed dough to the kefir, use low-fat yogurt, plain water.

To follow the recommendations of a nutritionist or not is everyone’s business, but well-being depends only on the person and his diet.



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