Nutritionists do not recommend giving up red meat completely

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It is no secret that a number of food products can significantly increase the level of cholesterol in the body – and red meat is traditionally one of the leaders of this influence. A lot of research has been done on how much red meat is dangerous to health in the long term, but many people just don’t want to completely abandon it because of its unique taste and aroma. So a new study on this topic from the University of Nottingham confirmed the previously voiced assumption that it may not be worth it to completely abandon it, but only rationally reduce its daily consumption.

And the preliminary results of the study actually revealed an interesting pattern, which is expressed in the degree of frequency of consumption of red meat and the risks of high cholesterol in the body, together with all the consequences caused by it. In particular, the research team presented the fact that according to their tests involving several thousand healthy men and women, a complete rejection of red meat can not only not provide the expected results for lowering cholesterol, but also harm some not quite pleasant consequences – before all noticeably fewer red and white blood cells, because red meat is famous for this particular circumstance.

Moreover, the team of specialists noted that only a half reduction in the consumption of red meat can have exactly the positive effect that users expect – in particular, among men, the cholesterol level decreases by 10%, and among women even more.

Thus, the presented way of the middle ground when eating red meat in food seems so far the most rational and optimal, since cholesterol is determined not only by this product, but also by some other, as well as aspects of the lifestyle of each individual. So a new study points out in detail the fact that it’s enough to only half reduce the consumption of red meat to lower cholesterol.

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