Nutritional supplements may contribute to hardening of the arteries.

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A new study straight from the University of Georgia in the United States regarding the relationship between food additives and hardening of the arteries was really a revelation and an interesting way to look at the usual from an unusual angle. Specialists focused on identifying the causes of systematic hardening of the arteries with age, referring primarily to the effect of the so-called metabolites – special substances produced as a result of the body's energy metabolism. In addition to indicating the obvious factors that increase the density of the arteries – and as a consequence of the risk of developing various cardiovascular diseases – experts also pointed out the role of metabolites.

Initially, the specialists compiled a statistical table that included 1,200 participants in a research project, who in one way or another observed hardening of the arteries. Further, having researched over 1,200 combinations of various metabolites in the test organisms, scientists noticed 27 of the most functional and promising actors that contribute to additional compaction, thus indicating their role as a kind of beacon increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

In addition, they noted that the level of these metabolites varies according to various risk factors, such as smoking or lack of physical activity — however, it is worth noting that some of the established metabolites increased the density of the arteries even outside the main framework of the experiment. Thus, the team of scientists has determined that an increase in the density of arteries may also be associated with the consumption of certain food additives, although it does not yet specify which ones.

This study, despite the fact that it once again confirmed the already obvious point, still represents a promising database, on the basis of which all subsequent experiments and studies of this kind will be built. So far, it remains to wait for the final verdict of experts regarding which food additives are best avoided so as not to increase the level of metabolites.

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