Nicotine-free vape may be the most dangerous of all

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Nicotine-free electronic cigarettes are considered by many users and vape enthusiasts to be significantly less harmful – if not completely harmless – compared to conventional electronic cigarettes and compared to classic tobacco. However, a new study by microbiology specialists from the University of Pennsylvania regarding the hidden properties and characteristics of such nicotine-free cigarettes has demonstrated that they can be much more dangerous than it seemed at first glance, mainly because they actively contribute to thinning of blood vessels and obstruct the flow of blood through him.

The team of specialists came to such results soon after conducting some tests on 31 healthy people, none of whom had smoked tobacco or vape before. Initially, by conducting a preliminary analysis of MRI prior to a one-time smoking of a non-nicotine vape, the scientists took early indicators of the state of their respiratory tract and blood vessels, noting any problems. But after each of the non-smoking participants tried a nicotine-free vape, the scientists in subsequent MRI scans found a noticeable thinning of the blood vessels and, as a result, obstructed blood flow through them.

They connect the results with a nicotine-free vape, because it includes a whole range of substances and compounds that not only replace nicotine as such, but also add some aromatic impurities – this is where the main problem lies, according to experts. However, the team intends to make another additional testing experience using new data and statistics.

Be that as it may, the nicotine-free vape is something really strange and poorly understood – and therefore, in fact, it may soon prove to be a harmful substance. On the other hand, a lot of pitfalls are hidden in this topic, which researchers can only guess so far – so it remains to wait for further tests.

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