New unique cancer diagnostic equipment – digital mammography

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The new device is called a digital mammograph. This device is designed to detect breast tumors at the earliest stages of development. And the function tomosynthesis allows the device to re-check the results of already conducted surveys. The high accuracy of the equipment used makes it possible to perform a series of scans that confirm the correctness of the MRI results, or disproves if a nidus has been found that was not previously diagnosed.

Today, MRI is the most accurate method for detecting breast cancer. Therefore, a digital mammographer is especially relevant in the diagnosis of this disease. The device allows you to clearly see a picture of the tumor, including its contours and contents.

Also in Israeli clinics a modern computerized tomograph is used – it makes 128 virtual sections with high speed. This device is intended for studies of the brain, for scanning the heart in the complex. It is also used for invasive procedures that require visualization of internal organs.

Israel is developing and constantly updating medical equipment. Israeli scientists occupy one of the leading positions in the world in the import of equipment. This allows you to maintain a high level of medicine in the country and attracts a huge stream of patients for treatment from around the world.


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