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Chemical engineering specialists from the University of New York, USA, today demonstrated their new, unusual project of a unique type of magnet, discovered not so long ago during a parallel study of the properties of certain types of uranium and antimony. Experts have identified the new type of magnet as a “sweatshirt magnet”, naming it because this type of magnet has the unique quality of changing its magnetic properties, switching from a magnetized state to a demagnetized one. It is worth noting that finding this new type of magnet is of paramount importance for improving the quality and reliability of modern hard drives.

In principle, the same applies to any other recording equipment. The very finding of the new magnet was associated with the study of some configurations of antimony and uranium – then scientists were able to identify the Usb2 prototype magnet, in which the electrons were formed not in a standard way, as is usually the case in magnets, but through a kind of layering and arrangement. This allows the new Usb2 magnet to simultaneously demonstrate the properties of a charged and discharged magnet, depending on what the user specifically needs.

Connecting with each other, the electrons in the presented magnet form something like a disparate magnetic field in which the switching is controlled using standard triggers – in this regard, the control is carried out in traditional and easy ways. An article about such a unique find has already been published in the latest issue of the scientific journal Nature Communications, where experts explain all the features and moments associated with the operation of a magnet, which may have other properties besides those found.

In any case, this type of sweatshirt magnet will certainly be an excellent tool for significant technical improvement of current technologies and methods for creating hard drives and other storage equipment – in particular, making this equipment more reliable, resistant to various types of deformation and longer lasting, which is very and very important.

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