New salivary test for COVID-19 finally approved in the US

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The need to develop and test more and more new and effective diagnostic tests for a new type of coronavirus is higher than ever – especially for the US population, which continues to experience a fairly large increase in the number of infected people. Some time ago, microbiologists from the private Rutgers laboratory in the United States presented their new diagnostic test for a new type of coronavirus based on saliva analysis, and it has by far become the most talked about and promising test – so promising that the Federal Commission for Product Quality Control The US Food and Drug Administration finally approved its use and subsequent production.

It turned out that the use of a special salivary analyzer called LLC SDNA-1000 Saliva Collection Device has become much more effective in the context of preventing the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 than previously planned – and therefore new salivary tests from specialists from Rutgers Laboratory today officially went on mass sale at US territory, but so far in very limited quantities.

It is worth noting that despite the official permission to release this test, the FDA Federal Commission obliged the same researchers to continue to work on the constant refinement and improvement of the quality of this test, since it still has certain drawbacks and flaws – for example, the accuracy of determining the salivary analyzer sometimes does not meet all the declared parameters. On the other hand, at the moment, this diagnostic test is the safest for use by patients and treating doctors, since it allows you to avoid direct contact of a potentially infected person with an uninfected person.

The fact that this diagnostic test can be used independently on a home basis by the users themselves is its main advantage – this is what the developers at Rutgers Laboratory press on, also pointing out the fact that in the very near future they will probably offer an even higher level of test security and a higher level of effectiveness.

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