New safe engine technology promises high efficiency

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Specialists from the University of Waterlo managed to develop a more energy-efficient and rational type of technology aimed at improving the operation of the internal combustion engine – thus, their technology increases its efficiency by 10%. This technology was developed by specialists over the past ten years and judging by preliminary results, it has a very high degree of reliability, so that it can be used in a wide variety of transport equipment – from personal electric vehicles to special marine vehicles.

By itself, this new technology is an automatic valve control system – both exhaust and inlet, while the system can be tuned to the smallest detail, which allows the potential car owner to fine-tune the efficiency and environmental friendliness of the internal combustion engine. Traditionally, valve control in a car is provided by cam mechanisms, however, experts from Waterlo decided to use instead of them a comprehensive system of hydraulic cylinders and rotary valves, which allow you to accurately determine the timing of switching speed and torque.

It is this ability to control the opening and closing of valves to the smallest particle of a second that is the most important factor in increasing the energy efficiency and environmental safety of an internal combustion engine, thus significantly limiting harmful emissions and making the process much cheaper.

However, the team has yet to conduct some additional tests and checks of the new automatic valve control system, since the use of some materials, judging by the course of the study, can have an additional positive effect on increasing engine efficiency. Experts note a very high level of security and a wide scope of application of this new technology in all types of transport equipment.

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