New prosthesis that allows you to control yourself through the brain

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It happens differently in life. Sometimes it comes to the point that for some reason it is necessary to put a prosthesis. He, of course, does not allow anything to feel that part of the body, which replaces, but greatly simplifies life, especially if it is high-tech.
A twenty-year-old anonymous person who lives in Rome will soon receive a new hand, but it will not be just a hand. and a bionic prosthesis that can feel what it touches. The world has never seen such a thing. The hand will be connected to the human nervous system. In this way. inventors hope that the person who will use this prosthesis will not only be able to feel, but also fully control the actions that he performs with the prosthesis, by and large – really use them. The hand promises to restore the sense of perception of touching people who have lost limbs. This hand is really a breakthrough in the field of dentures!

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Studies have shown that almost half of amputees do not regularly use their prosthetic hands. This is due to the fact that the prosthesis betrays the appearance more than the internal sensations. The inventor of the new bionic hands hopes to change this. The arm was designed by Silvestro Micera, of the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland. Recently, Silvestro Micera conducted four weeks of clinical trials for bionic hands.
Since these bionic hands are attached directly to the human nervous system, the owner will be able to control absolutely all his actions without any problems. The hand itself will be attached directly to the functional part of the user's hand, and the sensors in the fingertips will relay messages to the brain to transmit sensations. Obviously, the more sensory feelings a disabled person has, the greater the chance that he will get the full feeling that he is normal.

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Inventors hope that one day a new bionic hand will be finally built into the human hand and give it a normal feeling.

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