New Prostate Cancer Vaccine

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Cancer Immune Protection
What is the essence of the mechanism of action of the vaccine

Immunotherapy in the treatment of prostate cancer abroad is gaining momentum every year, proving effectiveness along with other treatment methods abroad. The technology itself is based on the fact that normally a healthy immune system should produce protective antibodies against cancer cells that appear in the body, perceiving them as foreign. And among modern theories about the causes of cancer, one of the leading places is occupied by the immune theory, when the protective system is weakened or malfunctions, taking cancer cells for healthy ones.

Cancer Immune Protection

For many years, research has been conducted in this area, as a result of which scientists managed to force the immune system to defend itself against cancer, to “indicate” to it the presence and location of cancer cells with the help of special biological drugs called vaccines.

In world oncology, there are already many types of vaccines that are successfully used to treat cancer abroad, they are being improved and become more effective. Among all oncological diseases, prostate cancer, perhaps, has received the greatest attention in terms of the development of therapeutic vaccines. One of the latest and most promising developments is the still experimental PROSTVAC vaccine, manufactured by Bavarian Nordic. It is already used in leading Israeli clinics.

What is the essence of the mechanism of action of the vaccine

prostvac cancer vaccineAfter successful trials in laboratory animals, the first clinical trial of the vaccine was performed in 30 patients with metastatic prostate cancer. The introduction of the vaccine was combined with the drug Ipilimumab. The treatment results showed that the average survival of patients with advanced metastatic prostate cancer increased from 18.5 months to 31.5 months, that is, more than 1.5 times.

The mechanism of action of the vaccine is that it is absorbed by dendritic cells, which, in turn, activate the production of T-cells of aniti-PSA, that is, inhibit the activity of cancer cells. Oncologists believe that the new PROSTVAC prostate cancer vaccine will take its rightful place in the arsenal of the best means of its treatment in Israel and other countries.


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