New pancreatic cancer drug found

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Pancreatic cancer is one of the most aggressive forms of cancer – and at the same time it has one of the smallest survival rates. That is why the search for new medicinal compounds and chemotherapy formats is one of the highest priorities for the modern international medical community. So today, the combined team of oncologists from Columbia University and the Herbert Irving Cancer Center presented their new study on one of the most effective candidates for the role of eliminating this type of cancer – the study is about a compound called PTC596.

It is worth noting that this compound is experimental and in general differs in a rather high indicator of efficiency in comparison with many other forms of drug compounds – primarily because it combines fast and slow proteins. In addition, specialists were able to improve the structure of the compound due to the integration of gemcitabine – a special compound that plays the role of penetrating agent through the thick protective layer of cancer cells in the pancreas – since this type of cancer has the most pronounced degree of natural cellular defense against external substances.

In addition, scientists were interested in improving the connection of PTC596 so that it was able to stay as long as possible near the cancer cells, thus gradually breaking through their protective membrane and penetrating into the center, where it could already fulfill its direct duties. without causing significant damage to other tissues and organs in the body.

The latter is a really important point, since many chemotherapy formats and options work in such a way that they damage healthy cells along with infected cells – that’s why experts from Columbia University continue to experiment with the material filling of their experimental molecule PTC596, which may become really effective in the future .

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