New Ovarian Cancer Treatment Scheme

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New developments in ovarian cancer treatment protocol
The results of an experimental study

Among all the tumors of the female genital area, ovarian cancer is characterized by late detection and, accordingly, the highest mortality.

Researchers in the field of cancer treatment abroad are working on the creation of such drugs and treatment regimens that can effectively affect ovarian cancer in its advanced stages. A large share in these studies is occupied by the creation and testing of new biological products that have already proven themselves in oncological practice, and are an integral part of treatment programs abroad.

New developments in ovarian cancer treatment protocol

Among the biological drugs used to treat ovarian cancer abroad, the most extensive group are angiogenesis inhibitors, that is, substances that inhibit the development of blood vessels in a growing tumor. Thus, they deprive it of normal blood supply and significantly slow down growth.

A new treatment regimen for ovarian cancer, developed by a team of scientists from the Canadian University of Guelph. For the first time in an animal experiment, a recombinant 3TSR protein molecule was tested as an inhibitor of tumor angiogenesis, which bound and inactivated the CD36 receptor necessary for the formation of tumor vessels.

The new protein preparation was used in combination with chemotherapy in doses lower than with their usual use.

The results of an experimental study

The experimental results were quite optimistic. The size of the tumors decreased by more than 6 times, the process of metastasis was inhibited, there was a reverse development of metastases in the organs. This allowed scientists to suggest a similar effect of this scheme in the treatment of metastatic ovarian cancer in women.

Experimental studies are ongoing, and upon their completion it is planned to conduct clinical trials of a new protein preparation based on 3TSR, on which specialists in the field of gynecological oncology have considerable hopes. Scientists from Israeli clinics are already introducing it into treatment regimens in Israel.

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