New non-invasive glucose patch tested

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Medical engineers at Bath University in the UK today unveiled a unique and promising diagnostic device for measuring blood glucose – a special type of skin patch, it can soon completely displace the traditional method of measuring blood sugar by drawing blood through finger skin injections. An article with a new medical invention has already been published in the scientific journal Nature Nanotechnology, where experts explained all the intricacies of the functioning of this device, as well as how to further improve its functionality for diagnosis.

This patch is a special cover that attaches to the skin and draws particles of glucose through the fluid between the cells distributed throughout the hair follicles – and the process itself occurs due to a small electric discharge. The resulting glucose particles are placed in a special built-in reservoir, so the user can measure the amount of sugar in the blood every 15 minutes, thus constantly observing its change.

It is worth noting that the development itself is conceptually different from many similar diagnostic devices of this kind, since each individual sensor on the patch affects a single hair follicle, so the entire system as a whole can cover a much larger flow of glucose particles and there are no serious fluctuations in performance. Thus, this device may soon find its niche as convenient in carrying and using equipment.

Non-invasive drugs of this kind are becoming a new word in medical diagnostics, gradually gaining more and more popularity and demand – in particular, such a patch will be useful for diabetics who need to constantly monitor their blood glucose levels, preventing its excessive increase or decrease. It remains only to wait for the commercialization of this device.

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