New nano-vaccine against melanoma tested

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Melanoma, which is one of the most dangerous and aggressive types of skin cancer, one day can be completely defeated with an effective vaccine – and although it sounds somewhat fantastic now, the work of Israeli oncologists from the University of Tel Aviv only confirms such an opportunity. The fact is that today they presented another prototype of such a nano-vaccine against the melanoma cell and tested it on experimental mice, which first integrated the cancer-infected cells, and then the nanoparticles of the vaccine itself, observing the subsequent reaction and mechanism.

The new type of nano-vaccine itself was composed primarily of a special biodegradable polymer, which in turn was composed of an experimental matrix grid, the composition and features of which Israeli scientists have so far kept secret, due to intellectual property.

Nevertheless, it is known that each such nanoparticle contains two peptides – which are short amino acid chains of substances – with the help of which it is possible to reprogram the immune system so that it activates the destruction of infected cells without affecting healthy ones. Experts have shown that this approach actually did bear fruit, since experimental mice for the most part began to show remission even after a long time of infection with melanoma cells, and those that had not had time to get sick did not begin to show any pronounced symptoms of melanoma, which can also be considered as more than a successful result.

It is worth noting the fact that one way or another, Israeli scientists from the University of Tel Aviv will continue to study all the properties and capabilities of their new vaccine in order to present an even better and safer version of it in the near future, not to mention objectivity. So it remains only to wait for this moment, especially since they have already begun the second stage of testing their initial nano-vaccine.

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