New medicine for melanoma treatment

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An increasing place in the complex treatment is occupied by biological products, which prove their high efficiency, and at the same time do not affect the body toxicically, like chemotherapy drugs. They are constantly being developed by scientists and they fill up an already wide enough arsenal.

Melanoma retreats

More recently, Merx created and authorized Keytruda (Keitruda or Pembrolizumab) in the United States to treat one of the most malignant tumors, melanoma. About 70 thousand patients die annually from this disease in the world, and, as studies show, most of those who do not receive adequate modern treatment die.

Scientists have successfully conducted clinical trials of the drug in patients with melanoma, and the results were obtained more than optimistic. With a very low one-year survival of patients with metastatic melanoma in 30-36% after undergoing treatment with a new drug, it doubled to 69%.

The principle of action

The mechanism of action of Keitruda is to block the special protein PD-1, which protects cancer cells from the effects of the body's immune bodies, and it also slows down the development processes in the tumor cells themselves. Tests of the drug continue in patients with cancer of other organs – lung, kidney, bladder.

Many well-known oncologists consider a new drug for the treatment of melanoma very promising, even in the treatment of advanced forms of cancer.

But do not forget that we are still talking about an experimental drug for the treatment of other forms of cancer. It will take time to complete its full approbation, approval by the Ministry of Health, compliance with all necessary formalities.

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