New hydrogel for melanoma treatment created

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Various varieties of melanoma – skin cancer – despite their obviousness and supposedly easy way to treat with traditional methods, nevertheless have the need to use chemotherapy and related features. However, the traditional invasive method of administering chemotherapy itself is a lot of unpleasant side-effects, which is why researchers in the field of anticancer drugs today put on a rather interesting medicine, which is a special gel, which contains active anticancer compounds and remote-activated chemical agents.

The main feature of melanoma as one of the types of cancer is that it concentrates on the skin of a person, thus making it visible and potentially easy to target. At the same time, experts note that in order to effectively combat this type of cancer, it is necessary to use the same chemotherapy with supplements of an appropriate nature.

And the traditional chemotherapy model brings a lot of unpleasant side effects – firstly, it affects healthy cells, and secondly, it can not always cope with infected ones effectively. The basis of the new gel is the use of the anti-cancer drug paclitaxel, wrapped in the so-called surfactant, composed of several layers of phospholipids. When applied to the skin, the gel is activated by X-rays, these layers open and allow the compound to effectively absorb into the skin, directly targeting the cells infected with melanoma. Thus, it becomes possible to effectively counteract the expansion of cancer coverage.

Scientists note that the use of this gel was tested on control groups of experimental mice – the results really surprised the researchers, showing a very high level of success in counteracting melanoma. However, they note that there may be some other endogenous causes of such a quick cure and remission, so that while the study is still ongoing, acquiring a new data set.

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