New high temperature semiconductor format created

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One of the highest priorities in modern energy science is the search for new, more advanced ways to generate clean energy from renewable sources – in order to minimize the impact on the atmosphere and climate of the planet. In addition, in the context of these searches, the release of high melting energy is highlighted through the use of new technologies and a new type of conductors. This is what a new study of specialists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is dedicated to, who discovered and tested a new type of semiconductor capable of creating magnets with a noticeably stronger magnetic field.

A stronger magnetic field will ultimately create a significantly higher degree of melting and diffusion energy – and this, in turn, can be extremely necessary for organizing more complex chemical and engineering systems for managing matter and substances. So, for example, the MIT experts have already matured a testing plan for this new semiconductor, with which they strive to create a whole network of devices to enhance the melting energy – the project is called SPARC.

This project essentially consists of several individual devices based on new semiconductors that create a massive magnetic field – when connected together, these semiconductors generate such a powerful degree of melting energy that it allows you to work even with such easily slipping away chemicals like gas ions. It is hoped that the new type of semiconductor will become truly reliable and multifunctional in this sense.

However, experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology still have a lot of work ahead of them – first of all, they need to determine the most rational and safe way of collective synthesis of melting energy when using these semiconductors. They indicate that in the event of further successes, their finished methodology and technology can be successfully applied in industries related to space research.

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