New heavy-duty magnesium alloy created

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The creators of the new magnesium alloy will soon present their civilian application – Allite, known for its recent development of a special magnesium alloy with greater density and flexibility compared to carbon fiber, will soon delight many device developers. According to manufacturers, the alloy is somewhere between lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber, while possessing much greater stability, density and stiffness, as well as a lower price for its production. They are sure that, being presented on the mass market, the alloy will surely become one of the most widely used in various fields.

It is worth noting that initially this magnesium alloy called Super Magnesium was developed for military purposes and needs – mainly to improve military equipment. Now, the alloy will find its niche in the civilian materials market. The developers note that the final type of alloy was obtained from three separate ones – AE81, ZE62 and WE54. Each of them has its own physical and chemical characteristics, so each of them stands out due to greater flexibility and stability.

It should be noted that even at the highest temperature they do not burn, but melt, which is also an uncharacteristic behavior of this magnesium alloy. In addition, the specialists did some additional work and ensured that the presented alloys became excellent electrical insulators, thereby further increasing their resistance to work with high-voltage objects. Differing in 20% higher density, the new magnesium alloy weighs 15% less than the lightest carbon fiber – however, aviation alloys of this type are still 32-35% denser, depending on the scope and specific aircraft.

In any case, the result was very surprising and amazed for developers who were not ready for such quick success – now their development occupies a really prominent place in the market and may soon become the most used in a wide context. It remains to wait for the final stage of refinement of the alloy, as specialists need to rid it of the “military” characteristics.

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