New futuristic flexible fabric created

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The development of various smart materials is a really important priority not only for material engineering specialists, but also for all economic agents dealing with clothes as goods. It is possible that already in the relatively near future, humanity will fully enjoy clothes and shoes, which can automatically adjust the level of heating and cooling, depending on the surrounding temperature conditions and the characteristics of the body itself. At least, it is precisely to such a surprising result by the standards of modern physics that chemical engineering specialists from the University of Maryland go.

They presented a really interesting concept of such a fabric, which can automatically adapt to the internal and external temperature factors of its carrier and thereby carry out either heating or cooling. So far, it is known that the fabric itself is composed of an unnamed elastic material with a metal conductor coating, which is a special type of engineering yarn. Due to its unique and highly controlled properties, such a material can serve both as an insulator and a conductor, which makes it possible to use it as both in clothes.

It is still unclear exactly how exactly the experts carry out the engineering control of this material, however, we can assume the fact that this is most likely due to the very ability of the tissue to read the radiation heat coming from the human body – thus recognizing when the carrier is experiencing heat or cold. It becomes clear that such a development will certainly find its place in the widest segment of application.

In addition, specialists in chemical engineering from Maryland still prefer to remain silent about the real chemical and physical potential of their new development, continuing to conduct tests and tests for its strength. They also seek to establish in what way it becomes possible to implement this material in standard materials used in clothing.

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