New fish species discovered in California

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Today, experts from the Scripps Research Institute, together with a team of colleagues from the University of California, have compiled a report on their recent finding in one of the deepest and most uninhabited regions of the Gulf of California – we are talking about finding two new species of fish that have the ability to live well where there is practically no soluble oxygen . Such an amazing finding leads experts to the idea that, having deepened their understanding of the physiology of these fish, they will be able to establish a mechanism by which they manage to live in such problematic, at first glance, marine regions, as well as effectively hunt other fish.

We are talking about two new species of fish – namely, small eels and cat sharks. Both species are relatively small in size, having a somewhat elongated body and an unusual structure of fins and gills – perhaps this is what the preliminary clue to their secret of survival lies in. The fish themselves were found in a rather massive amount when exploring several sections of the Gulf of California, at a depth of about 1,000 meters. This depth is problematic enough for the survival of most fish species, and the new species found seem to have a conceptually different evolution in relation to the development of their fins, gills and inner skeleton.

Despite the fact that research is still ongoing, scientists have already suggested that the secret of their survival can also be hidden in their relatively small sizes and the ability to rely more on echolocation than on scent.

Be that as it may, the find indicates the possibility of further detection of similar species of fish that hitherto hide in the most poorly studied parts and regions of the seas and oceans. In addition, according to experts, they were particularly interested in the unique breathing mechanism of cat killer whales and blackheads, and therefore this becomes one of the highest priorities in the study.

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