New diagnostic test for sexually transmitted diseases in the United States

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Sexually transmitted diseases and sexually transmitted infections are a real scourge of modern society – especially in the United States, where more and more research teams are trying to cope with this. And today it became known that a team of venereologists from several US universities made an attempt to create a new type of diagnostic tests for the detection of such infections non-invasively. Because just such a method is the most promising and interesting, as well as less unpleasant for most users – and the results of the new experiment really prove this.

New diagnostic tests are called Aptima Combo 2 and Xpert CT / NG and both are a fairly standard smear of saliva and the mucous membrane of the oral cavity and rectum – thus, it becomes clear that taking such tests becomes much easier than traditional colorectal or urinal tests. However, the developers say that these new diagnostic tools must first be tested in the environment of the US Federal Commission for Food and Drug Administration, whose members should carefully study the presented diagnostic medicine tools.

According to preliminary information, about the first stages of laboratory testing of these instruments, scientists report that they not only have faster sampling, but also deliver much less discomfort to end patients – and this is the main charm of non-invasive methods of diagnostic medicine of the modern type.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting the fact that genital infections often have hidden or deceptive symptoms – for example, some types of gonorrhea. Therefore, scientists are also interested in conducting statistical studies aimed at improving the functionality and capabilities of their new non-invasive tests, which can be a really important point.

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