New biomaterial for bone treatment created

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The treatment and restoration of bones and bone tissue is considered one of the most complex types of procedures in modern medicine – and not primarily due to the use of materials and technologies, but due to the need to observe the accuracy of the operation. For a long time, scientists have been using special morphogenetic bone proteins that allow bone tissue to grow in place of damaged or completely absent, however, the fact that these proteins “leak” quite often from the environment of their capsules often leads to bone tissue growing around muscle causing many inconveniences and even potentially dangerous situations for the end patient.

In order to avoid such a development of the situation, a team of talented microbiologists from the University of Oregon in the United States presented their new development in the form of an improved BMP morphogenetic protein formula, which now includes a new type of algal gel and anticoagulant microparticle called herapin. The BMP protein is firmly attached to the particles of the anticoagulant, and with the help of an algal hydrogel forms a more stable protective membrane of the protein, thereby preventing it from cracking and spreading before the entire volume of the protein settles in the damaged area of ​​the bone.

After conducting several preliminary tests of their new formula for the morphogenetic BMP protein in experimental rats, the scientists noted that the new formula eliminates approximately 50% of the causes of early leakage, and this is a really serious statistical indicator that makes the development even more effective, safe and cheaper in application.

The whole thing lies in the special condition of the microparticles of the anticoagulant, since earlier the team of researchers spent a lot of time in order to properly adapt the formula and make it more stable with respect to many external chemical elements and substances of exogenous and endogenous composition. So at this point in time we can only wait for the final verdict regarding this development.

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