New artificial smart knee implant created

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Today, a talented team of engineering specialists from Bringham University and New York University presented their unique joint development of a smart knee implant, which allows its carrier to more accurately and concretely carry out its operation and report on the possible threats and risks of an implant wearing out soon. The project is of really high scientific and medical value, since most patients with a knee implant somehow need to be replaced every ten years – and even more often if they go through intense physical activity.

This is the peculiarity of the new knee implant, which helps its user and doctors observing him to determine the degree and risk of accelerated wear of the implant – this is done through the use of a special system of sensors and sensors that record the degree of pressure on the main design of the implant, while also measuring a similar indicator of the joint. With such a comprehensive and dynamic study, the patient can be sure that the device can warn him about the increased risk of implant wear – information that can be very useful in preventing a number of unpleasant symptoms and even diseases.

At the same time, the implant has a really lightweight design and an unusual design of the battery, which is charged directly while the patient is walking – since it is a so-called tribal battery. However, it is not yet clear when the development will finally enter the US market.

The fact is that specialists still need to conduct a series of tests and tests of the design of the new knee implant, after which they will be able to finally decide in which format and iteration to produce it – and until then it remains in its state of concept. Thus, specialists are one step closer to creating a truly multifunctional and smart knee implant!

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