New approach to cancer control discovered

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Cancer is an extremely inventive disease of cells, constantly inventing and adapting new methods of penetration into uninfected cells and subsequently infecting them. However, the efforts of oncologists from the University of California today presented a special report on how to resist a certain segment of cancerous formations – their study is based on the system of action on one specific protein that regulates the production of myeloid cells. Looking ahead, we can say from the preliminary results of laboratory research that such an approach really has every chance of further development.

Scientists have long observed and analyzed the process of conversion of myeloid cells – the so-called white blood cells – into the corresponding categories of macrophages. They established earlier that these cells, depending on third-party regulation, turn into either M1 macrophages or M2 macrophages, where the first type effectively inhibits the development of a cancerous tumor, and the second, on the contrary, enhances it. According to their theory, by stimulating a special protein called CD11b, which, according to their observations, influences this transformation of cells into macrophages, they could independently control the process of this transformation.

Preliminary laboratory tests in mice showed that by inducing this protein in a mouse genetically devoid of protein and having a cancerous tumor, a significant tumor suppression is achieved, since this protein significantly increases the number of M1 macrophages. Conversely, by depriving a mouse of a given protein by genetic engineering, the tumor grows massive.

Thus, experts have directly proved the benefits and efficiencies in applying this approach, however, they still have to solve a number of issues related directly to the adaptation of this genetically modified protein to the human body. It is believed that by inducing a more stable and improved version of this macrophage regulating protein, they will be able to stabilize the general process of suppressing a cancerous tumor.

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