Neuropathic chronic pain can be eliminated by new means

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Different sources and types of pain in one way or another prevent many people from enjoying everyday life and its successes – in particular in this context it is worth highlighting the so-called neuropathic pain, which is systemic and chronic in nature, and which causes the most pain in various disorders. In order to help patients cope with its influence, a team of medical specialists from the University of Copenhagen today presented their new study on the use of an experimental active peptide, which is introduced into the affected neural focus and completely blocks certain groups of neurons with hypersensitivity.

It was in the matter of maximally blocking such affected neurons that a peptide called Tat-P4-C52, which was previously one of the most promising candidates for use in experimental medicines that can blunt a neuropathic pain of a chronic type, proved to be the best. As for the current study, Danish experts initially conducted several samples of this peptide in order to determine the most suitable variant for insertion into the affected neurons – after this stage the next, no less lengthy and responsible one began, during which scientists tested the ability of the peptide to eliminate specific affected pain neurons with high accuracy.

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It was his selectivity in this process that served as the basis for organizing a new stage of experimental treatment using the new configuration of this peptide, and experts say that they have already achieved a really high level of quality and reliability when using this peptide – the level of neuropathic pain in many patients decreased .

Thus, specialists from the Danish capital are making steady progress in improving current methods and approaches to eliminate or effectively relieve chronic neuropathic pain, which is one of the most noticeable problems in neuropathology. Be that as it may, specialists have yet to conduct several additional tests using various configurations of this peptide.

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