Natural emissions into the atmosphere are more dangerous than expected

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The human factor in the context of global warming does not raise any doubts either among modern researchers, or among modern inhabitants who have at least once heard about this global environmental problem. However, environmental experts from the University of Rochester in the UK announced, according to the results of their new statistical and comparative study, that the participation of humans in the generation of heat in the Earth’s atmosphere is not much higher than the participation of natural processes – according to the study, ecologists have underestimated the extent of the influence of the so-called natural greenhouse emissions into the atmosphere of our planet.

In particular, the study is built around studying how much post-industrial civilization has outstripped nature in terms of greenhouse gas emissions into the Earth’s atmosphere, which is the main reason for accelerating the process of global warming. It turned out that at this point in time, even taking into account safer than greenhouse methane hydrocarbons in the Earth’s atmosphere, the current natural processes of greenhouse gas release are not far behind human ones.

In other words, nature, being spurred to a large extent by human efforts, independently releases more fossil methane and carbon than was previously expected – now this indicator is estimated at about 10 times the previous analysis. It becomes clear that such great importance can in no way positively affect the situation with global warming, and therefore a new study of specialists is aimed at attracting the attention of the scientific community to this problem.

Because even taking into account the release into the Earth’s atmosphere of a relatively non-hazardous and long-lasting non-lingering fossil methane, the overall picture with global warming and a change in heat control in the atmosphere promises to become even more dangerous soon. Nonetheless, third-party climate research and projects continue to be developed, with the parallel goal of slowing down the global warming process at least to some extent in order to win at least some time for humanity.

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