Motivation for sports can be improved by fasting.

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The study of hormones and their effects on our body and condition has long been one of the most prominent priorities in science – however, some studies may be particularly interesting because they demonstrate the interdependence between different types of hormones and potential physiological improvements. And today, a new study by American scientists, published in the scientific journal Journal of Endocrinology, demonstrated a noticeable relationship between the level of the hormone ghrelin and the ability to withstand a significantly larger amount and volume of physical activity, including those that are not conscious.

Ghrelin is one of the two most important hormones that determine our state of hunger – the second hormone is called leptin and, unlike ghrelin, is not responsible for increasing hunger and appetite, but for saturating and reducing this hunger. The correct balance of these hormones provides a rational and harmonious development of the body, which does not allow a person to overeat or malnutrition. However, a new study focused on establishing a relationship between ghrelin and the ability to exercise better.

Scientists conducted several experiments on mice and noticed that those mice that were limited in food – and, accordingly, which produced more ghrelin in the blood – had an increased rate of physical endurance and more motivation for physical exercise, which is even more important in this context. Compared to mice that were provided with an unlimited supply of food. Scientists are confident that similar results can be observed among people, in view of the similarities with mouse biology.

Be that as it may, for now it remains to wait for the final stage of the experiments, which aims to demonstrate whether artificial or natural lowering of ghrelin in the blood, for example, by means of so-called intermittent fasting, can improve a person’s physical endurance, all other things being equal . Scientists themselves are convinced in absentia that a certain relationship will also be demonstrated in the context of human biology.

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