Mosquitoes carrying the vaccine

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A team of adolescents interested in biotechnology is working on turning mosquitoes into “flying syringes”, which are not ordinary syringes, but syringes, they are mosquitoes, for delivering vaccines to humans. Students work partly with Provita Pharmaceuticals, a virtual company and school project created by students and teachers in Bergen County in order to provide practical experience for those interested in research and marketing. As part of their project, students have already presented their research in the United States at a food and drug conference.

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The group leader, sixteen-year-old Joshua Meyer, in 2012 was a finalist for the Google Science Fair. After working with several other undergrowths who are also interested in biotechnology and business, Meyer began work on a business plan to support his research.
The first goal of the “flying syringe” project is to create a mosquito that would carry the vaccines against the West Nile virus, which is already known to the whole world. Most student research is carried out at the Academy of Bergen County, they are paid by the same institution.

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“We cannot breed mosquito cultures in the laboratories of our school, because it is dangerous, but we have a research consultant and all the ideas have already been planned. The next step is making partnerships, contacts with other places that have animal objects, ”said Meyer. Their project also attracted the attention of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, which expressed interest in assisting with the firm. In addition, in their submission to the FDA, representatives offered the creators team information regarding research protocols about tested and marketing requirements for assistance.
The first project the team called Coagula. It is designed to help people with hemophilia and Willebrand disease. This project allows patients to take fewer procedures that they are vital, while reducing the possibility of infection. Coagula is still under development.

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