Morning workouts before breakfast may be more helpful.

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A new study on the nature of physical activity and its effect on hormone levels in the body from specialists from the University of Birmingham in the United States presented a conceptually new approach to morning exercise. It is no secret that many people who generally follow an active and healthy lifestyle often start their day with training of any order, and some of these people prefer to train before breakfast. So the experts from Birmingham presented the results of their study, which demonstrated that playing sports before the morning meal can actually bring much more benefits than after it.

The fact is that during a night's sleep, the level of hormones in the body drops, and this also applies to insulin, which regulates blood sugar. With this in mind, morning exercise can be more beneficial by burning almost twice as much stored fat as insulin levels have not yet become so high that they can deposit blood sugar more quickly. In addition to this advantage, scientists also found that morning exercise just before eating can also help, directly and indirectly – depending on the state of the individual's body – avoid problems with the cardiovascular system and obesity.

Again, the main emphasis is on the regulation of insulin and blood sugar, because before eating these levels are very low – in addition, in a complex compliance with all requirements, this can also help to avoid the onset and development of type 2 diabetes, which is a rather dangerous disease that can disrupt the work of many internal organs.

Thus, morning exercise before breakfast can be much more useful and optimal for the vast majority of people – at least for those who do not suffer from any diseases or conditions in which it is necessary to carefully monitor food intake or various medications. So the new study clearly illustrates how many benefits and useful aspects lie in practicing sports before breakfast.

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