Morning sports improve short-term memory in the elderly

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A new study on the benefits of sports, published in the scientific journal British Journal of Sports Medicine straight from Australia, showed that systematic and low-intensity exercise for an absolute number of mature and elderly people can bring them much more benefit than they assume. It is worth noting that a new study of Australian experts focused on analyzing the impact of morning workouts on the next working day of several dozen test subjects, aged 55 to 80 years – and based on the results obtained, it can be said that morning workouts of the weak or medium intensive type can significantly improve short-term memory .

Experts became interested in such a study soon after a thorough study of a similar amount of research undertaken by other scientists – they also showed that morning workouts of medium intensity allow mature and older people to experience more work and concentration during the day, and more than the average eight-hour period.

Analyzing this issue in more detail and referring to the medical card of subjects, Australian researchers found that morning sports, mixed with short breaks to walk during the workday, increase the level of BDNF production – a special protein responsible for the transfer of large amounts of information between neurons. Thus, comparing the new results with the results of previous studies, the experts found that it was the morning workouts that allow us to produce more of these proteins, while maintaining their influence longer.

It is worth noting that the presented study in one way or another concerns those patterns of systematic physical activities that have already become proven and fully confirmed – there is no need to talk about anything else yet. However, Australian experts are interested in experimenting with different periods of physical exertion and rest in this vein.

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