Moderna spoke about the volumes of the prepared vaccine

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Pharmaceutical company Moderna today released a special preliminary report, which illustrated its plans to release its own vaccine against the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, at the same time that another pharmaceutical company, Pfizer, is engaged in a similar case. However, it cannot be said that both companies are competitors in relation to each other, since we are still talking about the need to help the whole world cope with the coronavirus threat that has been looming since March of this year. But on the other hand, Moderna promises that its vaccine is the most versatile.

The fact is that we are talking about the latest modification of the mRNA-1273 vaccine, which in one way or another is distinguished by a high level of effectiveness in the first and second phases of testing – and now it officially has the status of a vaccine suitable and approved for use as an emergency measure.

Initially, Moderna announced its intention to release a relatively limited number of such affordable vaccines in the amount of about 20 million doses early next 2021, but today's statistical and analytical report from the company's management cited slightly different numbers – it turns out that a responsible team of researchers within the company is preparing an impressive amount from 500 million to 1 billion finished vaccine units during the first quarter of next year. Moreover, as the first stage of distribution, more than 100 million units of the vaccine will be produced, about 80% of which will be concentrated within the United States, and the rest will visit some European countries.

It is worth noting that this approach is really promising and indicative, since it allows you to discover many interesting details about the real degree of readiness of such a vaccine – as for the management of the pharmaceutical company Moderna, everything remains at a fairly high level, since it notes that it has already produced everything the necessary tests and measurements, and was completely convinced that there were no indicative and dangerous side effects observed in these cases.

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