Modern cancer immunotherapy

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Cancer against cancer

Cancer treatment with immunopreparations today is called by scientists “virgin nepahan”, because in this area more and more new discoveries appear. Thus, the recent technology of so-called killer cells (monoclonal antibodies) has made a real revolution in this area, significantly improving the results of treatment of even metastatic forms of cancer.

The last discovery in this area can be accurately called the “cancer against cancer”, and in simple folk language – “wedge – wedge”. In the study of various forms of cancer by scientists discovered antagonism between them, i.e. substances secreted by one type of tumor have a detrimental effect on another type of cancer. The most "malignant" in this regard was the most malignant tumor of melanoma. Ras proteins have been isolated from its cells, which activate immunity against other types of cancer. Today, research is underway to create a new effective immune drug for the treatment of various types of cancer.

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