MIT scientists have proposed a new type of robot tissue for the brain

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Curing the brain from various problems associated with blockage of blood vessels in one way or another becomes a rather big test – especially if it is necessary to neutralize potential aneurysm or damage to brain tissue as quickly as possible. That is why the talented team of robotics engineers from the Massachusetts Technical University decided to introduce their new invention, which represents a new type of flexible robotic microtissue, designed to penetrate the blood vessels and arteries down to the brain and eliminate blockages, both in manual and manual in automatic mode.

It is worth noting that so far the project is a preliminary version and does not pretend to a high level of working capacity – moreover, the management noted that the ability to use flexible polymer threads to unlock clogs seems to be somewhat problematic from a technical point of view, since scientists need to think through a way replacing metal rims with plastic, so that the traditional means of fluorography are changed in a minimal way.

However, the MIT development team has already carried out preliminary research and testing its development on a test model and presented the first results – and they turned out to be really excellent. In addition, the developers pointed out that their robotic development in the future may also receive truly incredible updates and modifications that will allow it to be used in automatic mode.

In addition, they used the experimental type of hydrogel, which in terms of flexibility and reliability seems to be ahead of many alternative options for such a gel, thus serving as a quality marker – all that remains is to wait for the second stage of development testing and build on this basis any certain conclusions regarding the success of specialists who continue to work on their project.

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