MIT scientists create programmable ink

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Today it became known that a talented computer engineering team from the Massachusetts Technical University presented its new unique development in the form of programmable inks – these inks created with a combination of very interesting substances and elements have the ability to automatically change their color, shade, and even patterns. Thus, the new development is potentially aimed at offering users a conceptually new method of designing a particular object or group of objects, moreover, on a remote basis.

The fact is that new programmable inks are based on the use of a special complex of chemically flexible polymers, which the development team so far prefers to keep silent about, due to the need to preserve intellectual secrets. As for the possibility of its adjustment, this is done through a special computer program that automatically reads the color surface of the ink material and allows users to modify it at their discretion.

Moreover, new smart inks also have the ability to create full-fledged patterns and patterns, for example, a drawing in the style of a zebra or cheetah. For the most part, color management and ink modification is accomplished through the refraction of light, which gives the user the illusion of a change under a particular wave of light – but this in no way cancels the static color itself. It is expected that in the near future the development team will demonstrate a full-fledged platform for the use of new smart inks based on unnamed flexible polymers.

In addition, the new development will allow designers and artists to change the very concept of the correct selection and change of colors in a dynamic mode – provided that this development generally gets to the commercial market. Be that as it may, for now, the development demonstrates confident and positive trends regarding its commercial implementation, although specialists do not yet talk about their plans for the final release of the product.

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