Migraine can cause dangerous cardiovascular disease.

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According to statistics, migraine attacks are three times more likely to be men than women. However, the development of the clinical picture is extremely difficult both in the first and in the second case. In addition to severe headaches, there are a number of other symptoms that adversely affect the functioning of the human body.

So, scientists have found that frequent cases of migraine, which will not stop, can cause the development of severe cardiovascular pathological processes that can be fatal.

Clinical studies have shown that long-term manifestations of migraine increased the likelihood of developing a heart attack by one and a half times, and stroke by two. The possibility of forming blood clots increased 1.6 times, the probability of atrial fibrillation 1.3. It was also found that the degree of reality of the development of such complications was greater in those patients who had migraine attacks with aura.

Doctors explain such a confluence of circumstances by the fact that a sharp narrowing of cerebral vessels occurs. In addition, people with this disease are less active physically, which also significantly increases the likelihood of blood clots and stroke.



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