Migraine and the green light: a new therapy

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If you yourself often suffer from migraines – especially severe headaches, against which rarely any medications help for a long time – then you are probably familiar with situations when it seems that nothing will help. However, neuroscientists at the University of Arizona in the United States have very promising news and results regarding one of their recent projects looking at the most effective non-traditional measures for dealing with migraines. Experts have presented a rather controversial, but at the same time indicative in its effectiveness, way to cope with migraines and to do it without any side effects.

In particular, experts studied the potential beneficial effects of different colors and color spectra on the psychological and physical health of the participants in the experiment, who in one way or another suffer from different forms and intensities of migraines. It turned out that the most effective color in this sense was green – however, we are not talking about the so-called “pure” green color of the standard spectrum, but a slightly modified green color with a strictly defined wavelength and frequency.

A total of 30 people participated in the experiment, who were exposed to this modified green color every day for two weeks, mainly in the form of light signals and visual arts, after which the researchers studied the results. It turned out that after two weeks of such color therapy, 28 of them had a decrease in the degree of migraines by up to 60%, which is a truly unusual moment and a very significant result proving the benefits of green.

On the other hand, the experts themselves say that they do not intend to implement any subsequent configurations of such tests at this point in time, since the current research has already provided them with a lot of materials for thought and analysis. Thus, it remains only to await the final completion of the presented study, in which neuroscientists will also be able to uncover some side points regarding such therapy. (

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