Microsoft surprises with new server cooling solution

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The issue of maintaining a normal temperature regime for the operation of servers and related types of equipment is one of the most urgent and priority for the vast majority of companies – and for Microsoft, which is engaged in a huge number of parallel projects, it also needs to find and use a conceptually new option for maintaining normal temperature of servers. Today, a team of researchers from Microsoft presented to the general public a truly unusual option for cooling server equipment through the use of a special boiling liquid and special conditions for its operation.

We are talking about a special composition of the liquid, which is a very electronics-friendly liquid with good dielectric properties – in other words, it does not allow electric current to pass through and at the same time can generate condensation that accumulates on servers. This special liquid works as follows – at the moment when the server equipment begins to cross its comfortable temperature threshold, the heat emanating from it is absorbed by this liquid and converted into something like steam of a much lower temperature, which is largely possible due to the use of a special cooling condenser on the very the construction of tanks with this fluid.

Server racks with telecommunication equipment in server room

Thus, the presented system is a closed system and, according to preliminary test results, does not have any visible vulnerabilities and problems in its operation. However, preliminary tests of this cooling system have not yet been fully completed.

At this point in time, a team of researchers and material engineering specialists from Microsoft continues to work on various options and configurations for the operation of this system in various modes – this is primarily necessary in order to further eliminate as many potentially dangerous situations and problems as possible. with system operation at increased voltage. Thus, it remains only to wait for the next news.

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