Microplastic found in the ice of the Antarctic Ocean

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A new study by marinologists in the Antarctic Ocean region revealed a really sad and alarming trend – the fact is that traces of microplastics, which are the most noticeable threat to the natural ecosystems of the sea and oceans, as well as their inhabitants, were found on the surface of a certain part of the water of this ocean and in its ice. The study is carried out by marinologists from the Institute of Antarctic Research, and they point to the fact that if microplastic is found on the surface of a part of the Antarctic Sea, then this most likely means that the source of pollution is somewhere nearby.

They already have certain assumptions as to where this source can be and what it is like, but so far, experts are in no hurry to publish these data to the general public, preferring to double-check them again. The fact that microplastic particles were found in the Antarctic Ocean directly indicates a high degree of risk of contamination of a large fraction of this ocean, which until now was considered free from the threat of microplastics – but the current study has shown that this is not so.

Scientists have discovered 96 particles of microplastic together with 14 sources of this pollution, mainly in the area of ​​the ice of the Antarctic Sea, which also represents a complication for the subsequent mission of cleaning the sea. Given the fact that these particles were noticed so quickly, it can be assumed that further work on their elimination and prevention of subsequent pollution will be carried out as quickly, although it remains to wait for official statements and press releases of marinologists about this.

Be that as it may, the Antarctic Ocean is one of the freest and at the same time the most vulnerable seas in the world, for which microplastics can pose an even higher degree of threat, which in the future could result in a real environmental disaster, the consequences of which will be quite difficult and long to eliminate. It remains only to wait for further news from specialists regarding the work done.

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