Microdoses of THC component can effectively manage chronic pain

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Microdosing is a really common approach to managing very small portions and doses of a given drug, and therefore, for the most part, this principle is used in modern medicine. And today, a new study by specialists from the Israeli company Syqe Medical regarding the effect of cannabis on the body has demonstrated that a microdose of the active component of cannabis in the face of the THC component can actually effectively eliminate chronic pain of the widest type in most patients suffering from certain diseases. who call her from time to time.

It is worth noting that the new study is talking about the intake of the THC component in the amount of no more than 500 mcg, which is about 100 times less than the dose usually taken by patients in the form of medical marijuana. For the sake of their study, the specialists suggested that a group of volunteer patients take the indicated microdose of THC every two days through a special point inhaler for a month to observe changes in their health status, as well as to assess how microdosing can reduce the overall level of chronic pain …

It turned out that in the vast majority of patients after the specified period of time, the pain threshold actually increased significantly, and chronic pain due to various diseases began to pester them less and less. Such positive and promising results clearly indicate the possibility of using such microdoses in the composition of various drugs and pain relief methods that may be common in medicine.

Given that microdosing is a really interesting and promising approach, it can be assumed that in the future, a team of Israeli scientists will begin to study certain configurations of the THC component, since it can also be changed in order to give or take away certain chemical properties from it, which may be especially useful in certain situations.

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