Microbiome Health Probiotic Consumption: Real Benefits

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Monitoring your health is especially important in the presence of pronounced digestive problems – after all, this may indicate the presence of some serious dysfunctions. However, the consumption of so-called probiotics – substances that improve the function and environment of the intestinal microbiome – can not always lead to a positive result. This conclusion was recently reached by researchers from the Weismann Research Institute in Tel Aviv, who were closely engaged in studying the effect of probiotics on the intestinal environment of different people – it turned out that their consumption can not always lead to an improvement in the intestinal microbiome, and even vice versa.

Specialists conducted an independent study involving 25 patients who were tested during colonoscopy and endoscopy in order to identify initial indicators of the main intestinal microbiome. Further, experts divided them into two groups, one of which received probiotics as additives, and the second received a conditional placebo. After two months of observation, experts found that only some patients from the first group taking probiotics showed a qualitative improvement in the intestinal microbiome – in the rest it either did not change, or even began to show some malfunctions.

Scientists attribute these results to the possible influence of certain antibiotics and food, but there is also the likelihood that there is a so-called resistive factor of the microbiome itself. According to the theory of specialists, people are divided into a resistive and accepting type according to the intestinal microbiome – so probiotics have a great effect on the second group.

Be that as it may, successful colonization of the gastrointestinal tract with probiotics may also depend on a number of third-party factors, such as a particular diet and environment. Scientists from Tel Aviv report that so far their study has not been completed and it is too early to talk about any definite and final results. However, it is already possible to establish the fact that the previous theory of the universal benefits and properties of probiotics for all people is gradually breaking up into harsh biological reality.

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