Metformin recalled in the US

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Treatment and relief of diabetes mellitus is a really difficult process, which, in one way or another, must be accompanied by the intake of really high-quality and, most importantly, safe medicines and drugs. And today, the US Federal Food and Drug Administration released another report on the dangers of some forms of metformin – one of the most common and popular antidiabetic drugs on the US market – which this time surprised where no one expected. It turned out that one of the highest quality pharmaceutical companies in the United States did not escape the same fate.

It is worth noting that over the past few months, metformin has in one way or another been often attacked by the medical community and researchers, who now and then have found a fairly large number of various pollutants and simply hazardous substances in it – in particular, as part of the latest investigation in This preparation has been found to contain an excessive amount of the so-called contaminant N-nitrosodimethylamine, which is a fairly common natural contaminant.

However, in the new case, we are talking about a specific format for the release of 750 mg of metformin from the pharmaceutical company Nostrum Laboratories, which was indeed in a sense a revelation and a complete surprise, since the company had not previously been seen in anything like this. However, laboratory analysis did show that the company's metformin also had contamination.

Thus, the experts of the FDA Federal Commission suggest that the fault is not so much the preliminary laboratory tests of the quality of medicines, but rather the receipt of metformin and some other medicines from not the most reliable suppliers – so at this point in time it remains only to guess in which direction the new research will turn and what detailed conclusions the researchers will come to as a whole, since there are still too many questions.

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