Metformin is recalled in large quantities in the USA

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The US Federal Food and Drug Administration today released a new warning report on the need for most patients with some form of diabetes who are taking metformin, a special antidiabetic drug, to temporarily suspend their use. The fact is that it has now become known that rather large batches and volumes of this drug, distributed under the auspices of the medical corporation Marksans Pharma Ltd. have a fairly large volume of not entirely pure chemicals, in which, in particular, the so-called NDMA compound predominates.

NDMA – or N-Nitrosodimethylamine – is a fairly common chemical in many medicines in general, and not only in antidiabetic medicines, but when considering the purity and safety of new batches of metformin from the pharmaceutical company Marksans Pharma Ltd, we are talking about a really large amount of it – so large, that in some cases it can become the cause of various types of cancer.

This is precisely what a new report from experts from the FDA Federal Commission says, who indicated that metformin, sold under the auspices of this company, is more dangerous for those diabetic patients who, among other things, have a predisposition to cancer. Speaking about the specific forms and formats of its release, scientists note that the most dangerous are bottles of 500 and 700 mg, respectively, since these volumes were originally taken for research and analyzed in the company's laboratory.

In addition, the threat of NDMA infection in metformin is not such a new problem – a fairly large number of diabetic patients previously faced it, some of whom began to complain of severe headaches, problems with the intestinal tract and various other symptoms of a precancerous or cancerous state of the body. Now experts continue to achieve even more accurate results on how you can effectively reduce the amount of metformin in the presented medicines.

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