Mediterranean diet is very useful for pregnant women.

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It is no secret that the so-called Mediterranean diet – mainly consisting of fruits, vegetables and seafood – has a tonic effect on the body, regardless of its age and the circumstances of the environment. So a team of nutritionists from the University of Warwick, together with her colleagues from Queen Mary University of London, decided to test how such a Mediterranean diet can be useful and effective for pregnant women living mainly in urban settings. Looking ahead, it turned out that following such a diet has its undeniable advantages.

First, it is worth noting that some of the 1,252 pregnant women participating in this dietary experiment in one way or another had a tendency to develop various diseases of the cardiovascular system and diabetes, which made the study more pointed and revealing. Some participants followed a standard prenatal diet developed by European scientists quite a long time ago, and some followed the indicated Mediterranean diet high in fruits, vegetables and nuts – from almonds to habitual walnuts – as well as with a relatively average content of fish and other seafood. At the same time, this part of the subjects also consumed about 0.5 liters of olive oil as the main culinary component.

After a few weeks, scientists found that the Mediterranean diet is in fact more effective because it significantly reduces the development of various cardiovascular diseases and also reduces the threshold for the initial development of obesity and associated diabetes.

What also has a positive effect on the child – the Mediterranean diet, rich in nuts and seafood, has once again proved its worth as a basic diet, which is also suitable for pregnant women, regardless of the conditions and circumstances of their living and working organism. However, some additional tests and tests will also be carried out soon to clarify the current results.

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