Medicine for high blood pressure can help in getting rid of neurodegeneration

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Treatment of various neurodegenerative diseases becomes really difficult – especially in terms of preliminary diagnosis. It is worth noting the fact that neurodegeneration as such is often associated with not quite wide access of blood to certain regions of the brain, and therefore a separate scientific team of specialists from the Medical Center at Redbud University in the United States focused on identifying the most effective drugs that can increase blood flow. to the brain. And they really found such a medicine – it turned out to be the popular drug nivaldipine, which is often used to lower blood pressure.

Experts today shared the results of their long-term study, noting that it was Nivaldipine that demonstrated the highest level of efficiency in increasing blood flow to certain parts of the brain of mice, associated with memories and basic cognitive functions. Then they conducted a six-month experiment, in which patients with a particular neurodegenerative disease took part – they were divided into two groups, the first of which received nivaldipine systematically, and the second only placebo.

The results showed that the first group that took nivaldipine showed a significantly lower susceptibility to neurodegeneration symptoms, since the blood flow to the corresponding areas of the brain was increased by 20% – and this is quite an impressive indicator. In addition, the first group also began to demonstrate a certain degree of recovery.

However, experts say that it is necessary to consider the results obtained through the prism of early research data, since they still have some inaccuracies and features that can disrupt the holistic course of the study. However, nivaldipine has already demonstrated its sufficiently high level of quality and efficiency, so it can be expected that very soon it will be modified accordingly.

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