Medical marijuana may be the most dangerous for young patients

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Today, a new study has appeared on the network that addresses the issue of how generally dangerous and versatile health can be for medical marijuana – that is, marijuana in which the amount of THC component is reduced. In particular, researchers from the American Heart Association of the United States today informed the public that young people who regularly use such marijuana for medical and other purposes have an increased chance of experiencing problems with the cardiovascular system and even stroke, compared to those who she doesn’t use it at all – moreover, the new data are somehow based on some previous studies.

In particular, the research team focused on identifying the most indicative and common risk factors associated with the use of medical marijuana for young and relatively young people. In addition to the fact that the systematic use of marijuana as a whole increases the viscosity of the blood, it can also cause the development of hypotension, changes in vasomotor functions and a different spectrum of cerebrovascular diseases.

Moreover, it is precisely the groups of young and relatively young people who are most affected by this, since their body does not fully form the blood channels and, as a result, is more susceptible to various changes at the cellular level. So a team of medical experts from the American Heart Association of the United States noted that medical and ordinary marijuana can be really harmful, especially for those people who by default have a predisposition to this spectrum of diseases.

As for the comparison with older groups of consumers of medical marijuana, experts noticed a certain correlation – older consumers had almost half the risk of being hospitalized due to heart problems, which cannot but surprise. Thus, the presented study continues to point to new points.

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